Medical Website Design Improved

Lucror Medical is your one-stop digital resource dedicated to the long-term success of your practice. In today’s digital landscape, perception is paramount. The quality of your Web Design & SEO are direct reflections of your medical practice. 

Low Monthly
Web Design & Maintenance

Our team creates clean, optimized, professional, aesthetically pleasing websites and effectual digital campaigns that build longevity in your industry. We’re with you for the long haul; that means dynamic website changes and updates that match current industry trends and advancements. Learn why Lucror Medical is the leading company for Medical Website Design services.

Supercharged Speed

Host your website on our cloud hosting platform, providing amazing speeds and increased visitor retention.

Aesthetic Design

Lucror Medical creates sites that provide visitors the best experience possible and compels them to choose you.

SEO Optimized

We apply the latest white-hat techniques technologies to position your web site in front of potential patients.

Monthly Revisions

Constantly request revisions on a monthly basis, keeping your website and information up to date.

Seamless Feedback

Use our one-of-a-kind design feedback feature to let us know exactly what you want changed within your site.

A New Way to Leave Feedback

The traditional method of making changes to your website design would be to call the designer and try to explain what you want. Industry terminology and visual limitations can make it challenging to communicate exactly what you need for site design revisions and updates. 

Our medical website design teams allow you to take advantage of a revolutionary plug-in to let us know what you want by simply pointing and clicking anywhere on your site! This innovative technique simplifies the review and revision process and leads to faster turnaround times.

Focus On Your Business

The website design and maintenance services available at Lucror Medical allow you to focus on what you do best – manage your medical practice and service your patients. You should not have to deal with the technicalities of your website administration, anymore than your patients want to perform dentistry or chiropractic work on themselves. 

Let our professional team of experienced  medical website design and marketing specialists manage your digital properties to leave you to go about the business of keeping people healthy and happy.

Leave It Up To Professionals

Professional services require... Professionals. Let us handle the technical tasks needed to operate your website.

Friendly Price Package

Stop paying thousands of dollars for a web developer you will never hear from again!

Affordable & Reliable

Medical website design can cost thousands of dollars, but medical practices are usually left with a complicated website that can’t be maintained or optimized for SEO. At Lucror Medical, we guarantee that our medical website design is budget friendly and designed in a way to get more patients.

Unlike other web design companies, we won’t disappear. Our monthly services pretty much ensures that! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our Medical Web Design Service?

In order to build a medical website effectively, our clients must provide content. The most important page is your homepage, which should ideally be at 300 – 500 words. We would also need access to your domain registrar to make the necessary changes for launch.

Content, image and color changes are allowed for all plans. Depending on your plan, you are allowed X amount of active revisions per month.
We aim for less than 24 hours per request or sooner. We work Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM.

Our medical website builder consists of third-party plugins as well as custom developed plugins that require special licenses for public use. Because of this, it’s impossible to migrate any of our sites to another host but all images and content belong to the client.

We have tried this in the past and we found that a lot of times, our clients have trouble editing websites on their own. Instead, we have integrated our own live feedback system in which our clients can click on an element and leave a comment stating what they want changed.
We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal.
Yes, you can cancel at anytime.